Thursday, 9 February 2017

Time to retire the retirement blog

When I started this blog back in July of last year, I never imagined that just 7 months later I would be winding it up. After all this blog was going to be my companion on my exciting retirement journey.  So what's happened?  The short answer is that writing a blog on retirement related issues no longer seems relevant. Since finishing full time work I have accrued a number of jobs both paid and voluntary which mean I no longer feel "retired."  The word, the concept now longer have meaning.  I just work differently and with a pension coming in I simply have a bit more freedom to pick and choose what and when I work.

Whilst I enjoyed writing the blog in the early stages, latterly it has felt like a struggle coming up with posts to fit an overarching theme that no longer applied.  I also realised I do not want to be defined by the term "retirement" or indeed read about retirement.  I want to read about people with something interesting to say regardless of their age or whether they are retired or not.  Similarly I want to write about a whole range of subjects but realised that I had created this straitjacket (the "retirement blog") which would preclude potential readers or put them off.  So, whilst I acknowledge there are some great retirement blogs out there with posts of great interest to many people, I personally do not want to be limited by and defined by something that does not really apply to me anyway.

There it is. The retirement blog is taking early retirement. I've learnt a lot and really appreciate the comments and feedback of those who have read my posts.  I shall leave the blog out there for a while and after taking a little time to consider my next project will come back with a new blog.  I have a few ideas but want to consider this next move rather than rushing into it. 

The shackles of retirement blogging are off and a new challenge awaits.

Thanks for reading.