Monday, 25 July 2016

Day 1 or should that be 3?

Well it seems like some kind of defining moment, a watershed, one of those rare moments when you know your life is going to change for ever.  Retirement.  It looms up at you and as it approaches you realise that everything eventually comes to an end- yes retirement has echoes of death.

OK so that's got the cheery stuff out the way. The blog title? Retired? That's self explanatory, but "not retiring-?" That's a reference to the fact that I'm quite outward going, extrovert some might say.  Others would say loud and lairy.  The blog is me putting myself out there so not a retiring type of fella also I'm hoping to still do some work so in that sense I am not retiring.    A couple of what are now ex colleagues and friends suggested the blog so I thought I would give it a go and I hope it may be of interest to others as I navigate a post retirement existence finding new adventures and challenges and hopefully finally getting to grips with the appalling state of my physical fitness.

So it's Monday now and I retired on Friday.  How did I welcome in this new world of opportunity? Start that novel, do some mindfulness exercises, start my blog?  No, I got pissed and fell asleep with a quiche in the oven.  Waking up after falling asleep on the sofa, my first day of retirement was marked by a strange dark mist around me and the sound of my fan oven as it turned quiche into carbon.  The rest of the day was spent trying to recover and I realised this was really the end of a 7 week retirement party and that at 60 I would have to make sorting out diet, fitness and health a priority.   Trouble is I said to my partner that we would go and have a slap up meal in celebration.  So that 's what I did yesterday.  And very yummy it was too.  I think the change to diet and exercise is going to be tough.

Now I'm fully aware that so far this is all a bit prosaic (you reader may think boring) and hardly enlightening.  My hope is that as I get into my blog, nuggets of wisdom and insight will emerge and physically I will transform from a an adonought into an Adonis (albeit Adonis with white hair, a bit on the short side and not particularly heroic) .  This process has begun!  The chocolate and maltesers have been cast into the bin, a fruit based smoothie has been created and consumed and I have begun my journey.

That's it really for today as I now have to pick up my last belongings from work and then have a tooth out.  The adventure will start tomorrow.

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